Utilizing VMWare Horizon View and VMWare’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) introduces new ways of managing user desktop and application environments while saving you money and time. Managing of physical workstations has always been expensive and time consuming. With Horizon View and VDI, expensive workstations can be replaced with inexpensive zero or thin client machines while getting rid of the nightmare of managing and administering each workstation. Usually IT engineering efforts to test software patches, mirror production environments or build high-quality learning environments and labs are thwarted by capital-budget limitations. Our Horizon VDI offers easily deployed, powerful and reliable virtual desktops for such projects using operational funding. Once such a project has been completed these virtual desktops can be archived or decommissioned by the end user with even more ease than the original deployment.

One of the biggest challenges that IT organizations face today is the upgrading of their infrastructure that is running outdated operating systems. However, migrating to the newest versions of Windows almost always require major upgrades in terms of hardware. Our Unified Workspace offering can fully remove or reduce CapEx categories such as PC Hardware Costs and replace it with operating expenses of a cloud-based subscription service. Our solution also provides the additional incentive of helping organizations control operating costs such as reducing the need for IT deployment resources and in-house technical support, as well as having predictable subscription costs that are less likely to throw a wrench into corporate financial planning.

Another great reason for switching to VMWare VDI and the use of Horizon View clients is the improved security that comes with our Unified Workspace solution; because even in the face of improved threat detection, intrusion prevention and security breach resolution, IT organizations still have nightmares that their organization may be the next to suffer a breach that includes theft of identities, customer data or intellectual property. Since most security breaches often take place at the edge of the network, Unified Workspace is an attractive security option as all data and applications reside inside of the cloud and not on end-user devices that are ripe targets due to weaker security tools and more relaxed security policies. This will also lead to saving you and your organization time as tactical security steps become our purview rather than your in-house IT, which is a house advantage due to our ability to devote more resources and utilize a greater body of experience on security matters than most resource-strapped in-house IT organizations can handle.

In conclusion, more organizations are quickly coming to the realization that moving away from physical desktops in favor of DaaS (Desktop As a Service) solutions has many benefits. This transition has already helped numerous organizations reduce IT management complexity, cut costs, improve workforce productivity and deliver an enhanced user experience by allowing employees to access corporate files, applications and services on any device, any time and anywhere.