Solutions for Working Remotely

COVID-19 Response and Changes

We take the safety of our employees, communities and customers very seriously.

We’ve reworked our channel partner agreement as well as the services we offer and are completely waiving our onboarding fees and month-to-month set-up fees in order to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and enable customers to work remotely.


The worries of business continuity are ever increasing with the exponential growth of COVID-19. While it is not our intention to profit off the world’s problems, more and more businesses are exploring options on how to best prepare themselves for working from home while ensuring their employees remain productive. We’ve worked in conjunction with one of our existing channel partners to come up with an affordable work-from-home solution for both partners and their customers alike. 



Employees can work from any device, anywhere.

Light Bandwidth

Under 1Mbps for each user, staying outside of any data caps.

Device Redirection

Seamless scanner & printer redirection, it simply works.

Application Publishing

Publish any line of business applications for non-desktop users.

Segregated Networks

Dedicated and segregated VLAN’s for each customer.

Encrypted Data

Encryption for both at-rest and in-motion data.

Standby Environments

We’re happy to help and are now offering standby environments at a reduced price. Standby environments are completely built out, configured and confirmed to be functional. The users within the environment are disabled and are unable to log on. This solution is perfect for any clients you may have that are worried about having employees work from home during these uncertain times. The standby environment remains powered on and upon a company deciding to work from home, the users are enabled and regular partner pricing is applied.

Pricing/Fee Changes

Effective immediately, we are waiving any Advanced Onboarding fees as well as our set-up fees usually associated with new onboardings on month-to-month contracts. 

We’ll be glad to assist you with moving any data and applications to ensure your customers and their employees retain their productivity.   

This pricing/fee change is currently in effect until April 30th of this year.


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